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Feel welcome to visit anytime. Whether you just want to check us out or are looking for a church home, we’d love to have you as our guest. Below you can learn about what to expect if you visit, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions. Please contact us with any other questions you might have as well.
Where do you meet for worship?
We worship at 3315 S Sherman, Kennewick.
What does your church teach/believe?
Who is your pastor?
What should I wear?
Come as you are. We are not concerned with your attire. Some of our worshippers dress more formally out of reverence for God. Others dress more casually. There is a wide-enough range so that you will not seem out of place however you’re dressed.
What happens during worship?
Worship usually lasts just under an hour. When worshippers arrive, they are handed a worship folder. This folder contains everything that the worshipper needs to follow along or participate in worship. There are screens that would allow you to do that as well. Worship is designed in such a way that first-time visitors can easily participate. The pastor begins by welcoming everyone and introduces the theme for worship. Throughout worship, there are responsive readings, hymns, and prayers. You are welcome to participate in any, all, or none of these things. About halfway through worship. there is a 15-20 minute sermon that specifically applies a reading from the Bible to the worshippers’ lives. This message seeks to be relevant, honest, and encouraging. After worship, pastor makes a few announcements about what is going on in the church’s life, and then worshippers have the opportunity to speak with the pastor and each other as they enjoy provided refreshment before they return home.
What about an offering?
There is no collection of an offering during worship. We do have baskets by the doors to our worship center where people may leave an offering before, during or after worship. 
Our members have joined together to do God’s work of sharing the Gospel in the Tri-Cities and around the world. They expect this opportunity to give back to the Lord a portion of what he first gave them in order to do this work.  Please do not feel obligated to give an offering, but know that you are welcome to do so if you desire. Many members give their offering electronically so you will not stick out if you do not leave an offering. If you would like to give online, you may do so here.